Ever wondered how to buy Diamonds? What does one need to know before considering this?
There are some qualities you need in a diamond & some qualities that are definitely not as important as others.
At Le Marthins Fine Jewellery diamond sourcing is all about finding the best diamond available to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations, while working within their budget.

Here is some insight into the four C’s chart that we at Le Marthin’s Fine Jewellery refer to when talking diamonds.

The CUT of the diamond is your number #1 priority followed by COLOUR being number #2 followed by CLARITY being number #3 then finally CARAT which is the size of the diamond is last at number #4.

Diamonds Cuts & Thier Differences

This is something that will not be compromised, so only a premium cut Diamond is what we deal with. The cut is the single thing that determines how much sparkle you get, otherwise known as the light return. Unfortunately, only the round brilliant cut diamond is the only diamond that is graded on its cut. The other shape diamonds are only graded on there Symmetry & Polish which most consumers think is directly linked to the cut & it is not. To ensure you’re buying a premium Cut Diamond make sure you engage with a reputable jeweller & as to see a selection of the shape you’re after this will help you understand how the cut impacts on the sparkle.

Diamond Colours –  from D to H

I sell from D to H in Colour. Because the Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the brightest & by far produces the most sparkle you can choose whichever colour you prefer.
However, if you choose a diamond shape that is not a Round Brilliant Cut then I would suggest D to G because they have less sparkle & need a slightly higher colour to compensate.

Diamond Clarity – Diamonds are not Clear

This is referring to natural inclusions and imperfections which are all natural. Starting from Flawless going all the way down to SI2. The majority of Diamonds are from VS2, SI1, SI2..

A Diamond Carat is not Carrot

This is referring to the size or actually the weight of the diamond. For example, a 1.00ct Diamond is made up of 100 points. So a .55ct Diamond is made up of 55 points or 55% of a 1.00ct Diamond.
Interesting to know is that you will pay more for a round brilliant cut diamond than any other shape diamond. This is mainly due to the higher amount of wastage that occurs when cutting a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

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